Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Restaurant Review: Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a cafe in Maddison Square Park, under the shadow the Flatiron building. Known for its burgers and frozen custards (shakes) it was on my to do list before I left NY.

I met Clint for a burger after work and to take some picture of the Flatiron. We didn't manage to take any pics as we went straight for the burgers, which will mean that I am leaving NY photo-less of the Flatiron. But when you can steal photos like this, do you need your own?

The unexpected bonus was that you can have a beer with your burger. I've had a drink in public in America without needing to put my beer in a brown paper bag. Woohoo!

Queues for the Shack are getting out of control and we had to wait in line for 45 minutes to order our burger. However, it was quite relaxing to stand in line with a beer in hand in the evening sunshine. The burgers were melt in the mouth tender. Clint was so bold as to say he thought it was the best burger he has had in America. It was a very good burger.


  1. I heard the "best burger EVER" call from Clint last night. Quite high and mighty if you ask me - now I definitely have to go before we leave, to see if it's true!

  2. Great to see you commenting Penne! I went to Buddhakan tonight, which is quite similar to Spice Market I hear. I'll post a review for you and then you might want to vist next week when you are in Chelsea?!?

  3. Richard when are you back? I have ordered the bunting and flags, but I need to know when to start putting them up at T5...

  4. I land early Sunday morning. Arriving at T4 as T5 *still* isn't fully operational yet for US flights!


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