Thursday, 5 June 2008

Helicpoter ride over New York!

I went for a Helicopter ride over New York on Sunday with my friends (and flatmates to be!) Mike and Claire who were staying for the weekend. It was a fantastic experiences.

We took a flight with Zip Helicopter Tours. Taking off from Chelsea Piers we flew south, round Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, north up the East River and then cut across Central Park before returning to Chelsea Piers.

Just before take off the pilot us asked if we had any questions on the safety video, which we hadn't actually been shown. We all kept quiet as we didn't want to be prevented from flying! I think Zip is a slightly cowboy operation, although the flight felt perfectly safe and our pilot was a former Police flier.

I hadn't been in a helicopter before and I really enjoyed it. We got some great soaring views over the Manhattan skyline. For most of the way round we were at 1,000 feet and pretty close to all of the action. You can get a lot of good views of Manhattan from the Empire State, Rockefeller, Stattan Island Ferry and cruise boats, but none give them to you all in one go and let you fly right of Central Park! Loved it.

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