Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spoilt for choice on a Thursday

For this first time since coming to New York I actually wish I was back in London this Thursday night.

Thai Superstar John Dang is playing in London this Thursday at Ginglik in Shepards Bush, 8pm Thursday.

If you fancy a quiet drink, Brockley Central Drinks III, are taking place at the Talbot from 8pm. I really enjoyed the last BC drinks, so I am quite gutted to be missing these.


  1. You couldn't have gone to both, so you may as well go to neither!

    I am looking forward to rooftop drinks in June, make sure you aren't on the 24/7 shift!!

  2. I've recently discovered that one of the best roof top bars in the city is one block from my flat!

    Work is not proving too hectic, so I should be able to get out at a decent time.