Monday, 14 April 2008

No I.D.

Possibly the only advantage of starting to go bald at 17 is that I have never been asked for ID when buying alcohol or getting into a pub/bar. I mean literally; never.

Last night I went to B-Bar and Grill in Downtown Manhattan and was refused entry as I didn't have any I.D. on me. It was an expensive night getting a taxi home to pick up my drivers licence and go back to the club again. The bouncers were pretty reasonable and when I got back to the club for the second time they let me jump the queue and go straight in. I'll be carrying some ID in my wallet at all times from now on. At 27 it just isn't something that occurs to you to do at home.......


  1. Presumably you will have saved at least that amount in combs and haircuts over the years.

  2. In the States I always used to carry my driving licence. Because of the big UK symbol on it I was accused of being Ukrainian!

  3. That one was below the belt Chief.