Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday Morning Cycle: Waterlink Way

Over Christmas I bought the London to Brighton National Cycle Network map. This morning I explored section 1 of the route, the Waterlink Way from Greenwich to Adddington.

The Waterlink Way follows the River Pool and a thin slither of parkland that snakes through Ladywell, Catford Brdige, Lower Sydenham and South Norword towards Addington. It was a sunny and pleasant morning and I really enjoyed the cycle ride. I haven't explored in this direction before and was pleasantly surprised at how nice all of the parks were. The parks seem to be well maintained and there were quite a few runners, dog walkers and children out playing.

The route is quite well signed and easy to follow. I got a bit lost around Bell Green due to a sign being twisted to point in the wrong direction. There are also a few places on the map where it has a dotted route saying due for completion in 2004, that still haven't been finished yet. Overall I was quite pleased to have the map with me and would have felt a bit lost on a couple of occassions without it.

I cycled for 20 miles this morning. The paths were mainly tarmac or tightly packed gravel, I had no trouble on my hybrid bike.

I'll try and extend the distance a bit next time, maybe heading further south and getting the train back.

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