Thursday, 7 February 2008

Links of the Week

Olly Kendall has sparked a bit of a debate urging the the Lib Dems to take a radical approach, boosting electoral turnout and no doubt bagging the Lib Dems an electoral victory at the same time. I think you might be being a little over optomistic Olly! ;-)

Capitalists @ Work have an interesting piece on inflation and the M&B fiasco. Are we heading for stagflation?

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  1. I like LD ideas on some things. But my problem with the yellows is that they only appear to formulate policies so as to be "different" rather than based on a uniform set of principles. It is also very clear that each ward, borough and constituency has different - often conflicting - policies and priorities. The image they present is, unfortunately, that they will say what people want to hear. This is not unique to them of course.