Sunday, 2 December 2007

Brockley Christmas Market

I visited the Brockley Christmas Market yesterday and went into Magi, Dandelion Blue and Degustation for the first time. It's great that we have shops of such quality arriving in Brockley (Magi has been there for a while, I've just not been in before) and there is a feeling of momentum about the place.

My biggest interest was in the food shops of Degustation and Dandelion Blue. My friend Olivier, over from France for the weekend, gave Degustation the seal of approval as selling proper French food, including his favourite brand of cassoulet. Dandelion Blue was buzzing on its first weekend after opening.

They both seem to be selling broadly complimentary ranges of produce. Here's hoping they grow and thrive!


  1. Brockley's on the up-and-up!

    Has the shop next to the Turkish place opened yet?

  2. No. Apparently Meze Mangal had applied for planning permission to open and extension, but it was refused. I think they might have got excited and done the rennovations in anticipation......

  3. That is shocking for the council to turn it down - it won't cause any more "nuisance" than it does already. I hope the owners haven't taken too much of a hit. Would be a shame if it went bust because the council are thick.