Monday, 26 November 2007

Manchester Weekend!

I tried a bit of live blogging from my mobile during the weekend, but it all went horribly wrong and none of the emails found their way across cyberspace onto the blog. You will just have to put up with a long blog now!

I travelled up on Friday night with my friend Luke. As we approached the train he went up to the Train Manager and asked him if First Class was being de-restricted. Completely new to me, but apparently it is quite common for ticket restrictions to be lifted due to over crowding. It was First Class all the way and something I will be checking out in the future.

Friday night was a curry in Rusholme with Luke, Mike (pictured) and Claire. For me nothing can beat Rusholme for a curry. It has choice, atmosphere, edge, is cheap and kebabs are served in a naan bread. Perfection! After dinner we went down to Fallowfield for a drink in Snook Bar. It was full of some scally locals, but I am assured that it normally has a much more refined crowd!

Saturday started with shopping all over the city centre - Christmas Market, Deansgate, the Arndale Centre, King St etc.... Drinks in the Northern Quarter followed. The day became more sophisticated as we went for a drink at Cloud 23 at the Hilton Hotel. A bar twenty three stories up in Manchester's newest and tallest building. The wine, company and atmosphere were all unbeatable, but Manchester's skyline isn't exactly London, New York or Sydney.

For dinner we went to No 4 Dine and Wine an excellent little restaurant in Didsbury. For my main course I had the slow roast pork belly. Usually utterly tender meat with rich and flavoured rendered fat. The meat was tender, but the fat was almost like crackling. Beautiful, but how did the do it? A little gem of a restuarant if you are ever in Manchester.

On Sunday we did a quick tour of our old student houses in Fallowfield (not much change, but a little more worn) before it was off to lunch at the Metrolpolitan for a Sunday roast.

On the way back down to London Luke and decided to open a Pizzaria in Vietnam with a drama student we met on the train. Oh the ideas you have one a long and boring train journey.........


  1. The building is higher than that, but the Hotel doesn't go right to the top. There are flats above I think.

    On 23rd Floor you are still towering above the rest of the city.........

  2. This is an official complaint about that photo. Terrible.

    Yep only the 23rd floor but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

  3. It was that, a picture of Claire (which I didn't think would go down too well) or me looking like a ponce on the phone. No contest really!

  4. It's a shame you can't get onto the roof to enjoy the balmy Manchester weather!