Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Internet Woes

The wiring in my building is completely shonky and despite the fact I am advertised to have 8 meg broadband (I live quite close to the exchange) it is a lot slower. A fact that has been brought painfully to my attention now that I have started to download the odd programme using the BBC iPlayer or watch a clip on You Tube.

As if the go slow wasn't enough emails can take up to 48hrs to arrive. When I was at uni a friend of mine set up a Bigfoot account and I thought it was a great idea to have an email address for life so I set one up too. Now I think it is the cause of the problem and I am thinking of taking the pain and moving over to Gmail. Does anyone have any adivce?


  1. You know what I think.

    You could redirect your mail to Gmail so that anyone still using that address would get through still.

  2. Ed is right, set a gmail and forward all your bigfoot mail to it.

  3. or throw off the chains of your 9-5corporate existence; rediscover your roots by living off the land; change your name to swampy or something equally naff and you'll be too smelly to ever be allowed near an internet cafe.

  4. ...problem solved. thank me over a pint sometime.