Tuesday, 16 October 2007

When your friends are tipped on Iain Dale's Blog

I was somewhat gob smacked when I logged onto Iain Dale's blog for my daily read and the top article starts Olly Kendall has a good pice on the LibDem leadership (sic). Surely not the Olly Kendall I went to uni with? So I clicked the link, and to my surprise it was. Regardless of whether you are a Lib Dem, or even have an interest in the upcoming leadership election, it is a well written article. Good to see friend doing well.

UPDATE: Olly Kendall was invited onto 18 Doughty Street last night. I, of course, had written a gushing comment on Iain Dale's blog which was read out. A evening of trying to download the show on my not so fast broadband connection awaits!


  1. d!! how are you. drinks VERY soon

  2. that was obviously rubbish. sorry!! what i meant to say was, wise words indeed. clearly didn;t come out that wise though did it!!

  3. What are you going on about Kendall? I big you up for your beautiful English and then you come and post drivel on my blog!

  4. i know, i know. usually i put drivel on email or facebook but since you are ignoring my messages i have now been exposed to posting drivel in public. you've outted me!!


  5. I have just watched the 18DS thing and I have to say that I totally disagree with Olly's assertion that treaties have to be written in convoluted legalese.

    We have a proud tradition in England of having laws that are easily understandable for the simple reason that a lay-person can't seriously be expected to obey a law he cant understand. The EU "treaty" is the exact opposite of that - a deliberate attempt to confuse voters.

  6. I agree that you want laws, treaties and constitutions to be easily understandable by the electorate.

    Not sure if the point was that if you write them in too simplistic and interpretable language you can end up with endless legal challenges and effectively useless document?