Thursday, 20 September 2007

Tesco Opens!

Apologies for the poor quality image, but I wanted to break the news. Brockley's own Tescos opens tomorrow at 8am. The shelf stackers are in there as I type putting the finishing touches to the store.

I even used the CASH MACHINE! Yey!


  1. Never thought I would be so excited about a Tesco. Gentrification can only come one small step at a time!

  2. I'm surprised you think Tesco is a good thing: I mean you are an organic touchy feely green type aren't you?

  3. Like the photo Richard. "Lewisham Way by Night" - you can't see the chicken wings!

    Popped in the other night. Was a bit disappointed with the stock - must have been awaiting a lorry. But, I was quids in when I spied a reduced pear for 7p. Get in. And they had granary farmhouse bread.

    I still went next door to by my veg and yogurt though! YAY!