Saturday, 29 September 2007

Restaurant Review: Kolbeh at Skitby House

My great grandfather was one of fourteen children, and therefore it sometimes feels that I am related to half of the corner of Cumbria where my grand parents still live. Sixteen years ago one cousin, Michael, and his wife Pat converted the milking shed on their farm and set up a restaurant. Unsurprisingly it was well supported by the family and we visited regularly.

A year ago, after fifteen successful years they sold the restaurant and retired. It recently opened under new owners and this was my first visit. In our eyes at least, it was always going to have a lot to live up to.

The restaurant has been given an Iranian name Kolbeh and complete refit. The food had a modern feel in style and presentation, a bit of the departure from the more traditional (but no less good!) English fayre that went before. Sadly there were no Iranian dishes on the menu, I like to try new styles of food whenever I can. Everyone I was with was very favourable on their food. I found my duck salad starter a little dry (how did they manage that? Duck is anything but a dry meat), but the main course of rack of lamb and apple crumble for desert were very good.

My main criticism would be over the timing of the food. They didn't manage to bring any of the courses all out together. A worrying sign on a slow Thursday night. How will they manage on an evening when the restaurant is full?

Time will tell if it is to Cumbrian tastes. I hope they make a success of the place.


  1. Sounds like they need Gordon Ramsay to whip them into shape!

  2. There not that bad. They won't be on Kitchen Nightmares, or whatever it is called, any time soon!

  3. well i think they are very good. the food is delicious and the service and atmosphere is also very good.

  4. I'm glad you liked it! I was a bit worried that my review comes over as a bit negative, which it wasn't supposed to, just honest and balanced.

    I hope the place is a continuing success.