Monday, 28 May 2007

Restaurant Review: Laughing Buddha, Blackheath

Bank holiday weekend here in the UK and despite the rain it has been a lot of fun and a time to catch up on boring domestic issues that I have got behind on!

Saturday night was Ed's flat warming party. Readers of Ed's blog will know that he has been battling hard with DIY since he moved in a couple of months ago. The hard work is over (for phase one at least) and it was time to party! A bit of a Greenwood House reunion. Excellent evening, although Transport for London let me down on the way home with a painful bus journey that took over an hour!

Today I bought a new stereo for the car. The power button has a habit of falling off the current one and it doesn't play anything more advanced than tapes. I really wanted something that I could hook my iPod up to. Surprisingly for such an old car it has a steering wheel control for the factory stereo. I am fearing that I am going to loose this functionality when I install the new unit. Any ideas? Posts please!

Tonight was dinner with Jo and Matt. We were hoping to go to the Thai restaurant in Blackheath, but sadly it was closed, so we went to the Laughing Buddha Chinese instead. I think Matt summed it up best with his "a mixed bag" observation. The Kung Pho Prawns and fried sweetcorn was very good, but the roast duck and Jo's vegetarian main were a bit non-descript. One of the oddest touches was pictures of the inside of the restaurant hanging on the walls - look there's our table! It is good to have solid and reasonably priced local restaurants on your doorstep, but I don't think that it will be anywhere I can get enthused about.

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