Monday, 23 April 2007

Sydney in the rain!

I arrived in Sydney yesterday. Brad and Chel (who I was meeting for the first time) picked me up from the airport. Brad is an old friend from JPMorgan who I met when we both worked in the ESS group all those years ago...........

We headed straight round to Chel's flat where I was invited for dinner. Her dad is a Chinese chef so needless to say the dinner was very good! After dinner it was onto Brad's flat (he has moved since my last trip to Oz) which has great views over Manly beach. Sadly, it was raining pretty hard which ruined the views somewhat..........

Today was the start of Plan O. It didn't get off to the best of starts as I was told my expectations were a little too high. We will have to what and see what develops.

I met Brad and Chel for lunch and then went for a look round the Sydney Museum. I have to say that unless you have a particular interest in the building of the harbour bridge I wouldn't say it was worth the $10 entrance fee.

I travelled home on the Manly ferry in the pouring rain which distracted somewhat from the picturesque scenery. In the evening we had dinner with Brad's flat mates Dave and Ali who it turns out were fellow Brockley residents before they moved to Aus!


  1. What is Plan O? You must explain these bits of jargon to your more ignorant readers!

    You need to join up with the Lewisham Bloggers corps.

  2. Just re-read and I now think I knOw what you're talking about!

  3. Yes, deliberately slightly obscure. But you do knOw if you think hard enough as I told you before I left!