Sunday, 30 July 2017

Hanging out in Gion and eating buckwheat noodles Arashiyama Yoshimura, Kyoto

Gion back streets
A quick photo blog of our day slowly drifting around the traditional houses in streets of Gion, along with a lot of other tourists. It was a pleasant and relaxing drift not really caring where we went (which led us to go down at least one dead end street).

For dinner we went to a recommendation from our ryokan, Arashiyama Yoshimura. It is a restaurant which specialising in making their own buckwheat noodles and was probably the smartest restaurant we went to while we were away. It was a bit of a tourist trap with a sprinkling of Japanese businessmen as well.
Five tiered pagoda in Gion

A garden in Gion


Cold soba noodles and tempura

Warm soba noodles

Ice cream dessert

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