Sunday, 5 March 2017

I should be Souvlaki at The Old Nun's Head

Haloumi Souvlaki 
It has been three years (really?) since we last visited The Old Nun's Head to check out Burger Bear who are still taking over the kitchen a couple of nights a week to serve their awesome burgers. This time we were back to try I should be Souvlaki who take over the kitchen on Wednesdays.

We both ordered the haloumi souvlaki (£8). The soft Greek pita really made the wrap for me (so often they can be drying), with plenty of haloumi, fresh tomato, a few chips and enough of the yoghurt dressing to keep things moist without being horribly messy the pita was really enjoyable.
Feta fries

I'd hoped to also try the beefy fries but as they'd sold out we settled for the feta fries instead. Fairly priced at £4 the fries were sprinkled with oregano, feta, red onion and drizzled with more of the yoghurt sauce. I would have liked a bit more of the yoghurt sauce and bit less red onion.

It was a very enjoyable and reasonably priced date night. I'd happily return for another haloumi souvlaki or to try one of their meaty options.

Old Nun's Head
15 Nunhead Green
SE15 3QQ

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