Monday, 22 August 2016

The Gutsy Chutney popup at the Barmouth Kitchen, Earlsfield

Keema simla mirch
A couple of weeks ago we went for dinner by The Gutsy Chutney who were hosting a small pop up dinner at Barmouth Kitchen in Earlsfield.

The menu filled with lots of interesting regional dishes, mainly from Kerala where our host was born, but there were also some dishes from the north of India / Rajasthan too. It was food that excited the palate with lots of different flavour combinations and a bit of a challenging chilli kick too. (In reality none of the dishes were that hot, it's just that my chilli tolerance is quite pathetic!)

The menu was filled with family favourites, a chicken curry traditionally eaten at Christmas and several street food dishes. I've only been to India once, but I recognised versions of several dishes, like the filled gol gappa which were served with a few drops of tamarind adding a pleasant sourness.

We had seven small courses and a welcome drink for £35 which was pretty stonking value. It was possibly too good value as I left a little stuffed and one less course would still have been more than sufficient. Most of the other guests at the supper club were friends and colleagues of our hosts which was a shame as more people should get to taste The Gutsy Chutney's food.
Prawn balchao golgappas

Papad salad

Chana masala tacos

Kalappam and nadan chicken curry
Coconut barfi

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