Sunday, 17 January 2016

Paranhodu, Korean Restaurant, Lewisham Way, New Cross

Vegetarian dumplings
Just before Christmas I was alerted to the opening of a new Korean restaurant on Lewisham Way. The restaurant has been looking quite busy as I've cycled past on my way home from work this week and the online reviews are all really positive talking of authentic Korean food and generous portions.

We decided to brave the cold weather on Saturday night to go and check it out.

It's hard to say this about a small independent business who are obviously trying hard, but neither of us were that wowed by Paranhodu. It didn't have the big servings to make it an excellent value proposition, in fact I thought the amount of squid in our spicy stir fry was a little meagre. And although I'm not that familiar with Korean food (hopefully that will change later in the year when we visit) but the flavours didn't amaze us either.

However, it might just be us that are out of kilter with the restaurant. The small restaurant had more or less filled up by the time we left and a couple of people had popped into collect takeaway orders, so they are clearly doing something right.
Spicy stir fried squid and beef bulgogi
125 Lewisham Way
SE14 6QJ

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