Thursday, 31 December 2015

Frankton, New Zealand

The Frankton Arm at sunset 
After a couple of days in Christchurch we took the short flight down to Frankton. We were there to spend some time with Becks' grandmother. It was also becoming clear that I wouldn't be considered a true member of the family until I'd experienced staying at the Cox family holiday house 'Maroy'.

It was a bumpy flight down. Arriving into Frankton we were forced to circle while the jet in front of us attempted two landings, both of which had to be aborted. We were allowed to land before the jet got a third bite of the apple. The cold sweats had broken out by this stage and I was looking pretty pale so I was pleased to have my feet finally on solid ground!
The Remarkables
The main reason for visiting Frankton was so that Becks could see her grandmother and for me to meet her for the first time. We popped in to see her three times while we were there and she was in good spirits each time.

Frankton has some glorious scenery and I enjoyed drifting round town as well as along the lake shore, seeing the places that are an important part of Becks' family summer holidays.
Lake views
For our only dinner in town we ate at the Frankton Arm Tavern. There were a few other people in the pub when we visited, but it is so cavernous that it couldn't help but feel a little bit empty mid week in early spring.

The service was friendly and the portions were huge. I had food envy when I saw Becks' blue cod fish salad. Three large crumbed hoki fillets sat on top of a huge mound salad.
Blue cod fish salad
I was trying to make a vaguely healthy choice. Being a classic pub menu there were quite a few burgers and fried items on the menu so opted for the (in reality no healthier) sweetcorn fritters with bacon.

I love Kiwi food, I truly do, but they do seem to love a balsamic glaze on practically everything and my sweetcorn fritters were no exception. I've got nothing against a balsamic glaze, but it isn't something we've seen so pervasively in the UK since the early 2000s!
Sweetcorn fritters
In an attempt to walk off dinner we went for a stroll down the eastern side of the Frankton Arms towards Kelvin Heights as the sun set and darkness fell.

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