Monday, 20 July 2015

Ristorante Manna, Noto, Sicily

The bat in Risorante Mana, Noto
Ristorante Manna in Noto is a place that I could quite happily move into.

On our final evening in Noto we headed out to look for somewhere to eat. As we set out on our search we caught site of a stylish, empty looking bar through a narrow doorway, a few doors down from our hotel.

We continued our promenade round town and returned to Manna for dinner. The restaurant has the feel of somewhere that has recently opened, or been substantially refurbished, and it was like they'd done it exactly to our taste. Sleek, stylish interiors and carefully chosen bursts of colour created a very attractive dining room. I couldn't help myself but to have a look under the tables and chairs to see if I could find the manufacturers name. (Sadly I coudln't.)

It wasn't just about the interior though, Manna was our second 'expensive' meal of the holiday. The food had a different feel to anything else we ate during our time in Sicily. There was the same emphasis on local ingredients and good flavours, but everything was done with a little more finesse. The standard of the presentation was higher, there was a bit more technique on the plate and the service more attentive.

I recognised several of the same wines, at lower prices, that were on the wine list at Crocofiso where we'd eaten on our first night, reinforcing the feeling of value.

My photo taking and admiration of the interior hadn't been that subtle and at the end of the night the owner / manager offered to show us round the restaurant on the way out. I think she appreciated that we obviously loved the place as much as she did.

The bar

Codfish croquettes

Shaved articokes with Ragusano cheese and sun dried tomatoes in a tuile basket

Salt baked rabbit

Mixed fish of the day

Dark chocolate cake

Ricotta cheesecake

You can view everywhere we visited on our honeymoon on this map.

Ristorante Manna
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  1. Hello, I just found your beautiful post about Noto and Ristorante Manna via Google... could you let us know in what price range the restaurant is? You say something about "expensive"...?
    They have no prices on their website... so it would great to know.
    Thank you! Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Kai, I think we paid around 90 EUR for the food you see above, a bottle of wine and service. I think it was good value for what we ate, but expensive compared to some other restaurants we ate at during our honeymoon where we paid 40 EUR for the two of us.

      If you are going to Sicily my blog has a few other good restaurants mentioned.