Saturday, 11 July 2015

161 Food + Drink, Sydenham

Lamb and beef meetballs
I wasn't expecting to find a slice of Sydney in Sydenham, but café 161 Food + Drink, complete with antipodean waitress from the 'Gong, provided just that.

We'd been shopping for tiles over the road and, based on a recommendation from friend Laura, headed to 161 for lunch. The small café had a counter and tables made from reclaimed Victorian doors. It sounds a little bit hipster, but didn't feel like the type of place that was trying too hard and the doors probably came from the reclamation shop further up the road.

Overhearing someone order a Vegemite scroll, Becks immediately wanted a taste of the homeland so we asked for one too. The scroll contained a generous amount of Vegemite providing its own unique savoury taste. If Paul Holloywood was giving a verdict, he definitely would have said 'under baked' but that wasn't bothering Becks one bit.

Heuvos rancheros
I ordered the the lamb and beef meatballs with couscous (£7) from their compact sounding brunch menu, hoping it would be one of their more substantial options after my morning run. It was a tasty little number with five tender meatballs and a flavoursome tomato sauce. It wasn't as generous as I was hoping for and definitely could have done with more couscous to make it more substantial.

Becks had the huevos rancheros (£6.50). A fried egg topped with a little chilli, black beans and avocado were sitting on top of a tortilla at the bottom of the bowl. I didn't get to try the huevos, but the reports were good. It similarly wasn't a generous portion.

Strawberry and vanilla cake
We debated whether or not to have a slice of cake, but were pleased that we were tempted by the strawberry and vanilla cake. The cake was much lighter than I expected it to be and the strawberries provided a lovely summer hit without making it too wet.

It's just a shame we don't live closer by.

161 Food + Drink
161 Kirkdale

SE26 4QJ
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  1. Hooray for a little slice of Australia :-)
    (Now did I miss the fact that Becks is Australian??)

    1. She's from NZ. I fly all the way home to meet someone from the Southern Hemisphere! ;-)