Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy birthday to my blog: eight years old!

I commented that last year and been a slow one on the blog, but this one has been even slower with only fifty five posts in the year. Well down on my average of every other day while I was in Australia, but still a respectable post every week.

It has been quite a momentous year where I got engaged to the wonderful Rebecca, we had a fabulous trip to Spain and started building a house together. Nearly all the life events in one year!

The top ten most popular posts of the year were:
1. Reading Economist for free on a Kindle - hopefully the Economist's lawyers will never read this one and come knocking on my door.
2. Best kebab in Istanbul - a couple of awesome kebabs from my visit to Istanbul.
3. Camel Hydrobak Review - runners of the world have come to read the post.
4. Project Sourdough Elusive Air Bubbles - I haven't posted about my bread making much recently, but still enjoy to bake.
5. Great Ocean Road Marathon Race Notes - great race although I think the distance is a bit suspect.
6. Garmin Forerunner 110 Unboxing - one of my only attempts at an unboxing post. I'm not longer a Garmin wearer having decided they are too unreliable.
7. Which the better airline Emirate or Virgin - The answer is Emirates
8. Chicken and Leek Pie - Everyone loves a good chicken and leek pie
9. Ciya Sofrasi Best Restaurant In Istanbul - the final night of a week of gluttony in Istanbul
10. Kenwood KMix Unboxing - Unboxing a mixer that travelled from Germany to Sydney only for me to bring it back to London

Thanks for reading if you stopped by during the year.