Sunday, 1 February 2015

An Accidental Engagement Photo Shoot

We've been pretty decisive with all of the wedding planning, which has helped keep the process relatively painless (up to this point at least). One area that has been our downfall, however, has been deciding upon the wedding photographer.

We knew that we wanted reportage style photos, but without any personal recommendations, we had to resort to searching on the web. We were just about to book with a photographer that I'd found online, when my mum through in a curve ball by passing on the contact details of Andrew who is the son of someone she used to work with.

Andrew came along with us yesterday as we went for a second look our reception venue, One Friendly Place, and took some photos of us while we were there. We looked a bit startled in the first few photos, but had relaxed into it by the end.

With my deep love of Asia perhaps it's not surprising we ended up with an engagement photo shoot....

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