Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Mondays @ Amersham Arms, New Cross

After years of seeing the Happy Mondays comedy night plugged on Brockley Central, I finally summoned up the energy to go out on a school night and booked tickets.

The gigs take place in the old school venue at the back of the pub. The room was bigger than I expected and filled with folding chairs for the audience to sit on. Some of the rows had less legroom than Ryanair, but we managed to get a couple of more spacious seats near the back of the room. A good move unless you want to be picked on! I couldn't help notice the original parquet floors that are in pretty good nick considering the hammering they must have taken over the years.

Local Brockley resident Holly Walsh organises and compares the night. She started the evening with some audience interaction and a few local jokes. Thankfully she didn't bring up the shipping containers which have just landed in the Conservation area...

There were four acts during the night, who were progressively more experienced and amusing. The main draw was Josh Widdicombe from one of Becks' favourite shows, The Last Leg on Channel 4. I was wondering how New Cross could attract such a big star on a Monday night and Josh answered the question when he said he was practising new material for a tour he's doing later in the year. Despite Josh having notes with him on stage, and referring to them between gags, he was still the funniest performer of the night. If you've got it, you've got it I guess.

A good fun and relaxed night for a Monday and at the end of the night we were able to easily stroll home. Most civilised!

Tip for Josh's gigs, don't go if you are under 30. There were quite a few 80s references in his routine that you might not get if you are any younger!

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  1. Advice noted as I'm not under 30. 80's? Ahh, I remember them well.
    Josh is funny :-)