Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coopers Bakehouse Open Day

Rolling the croissant dough
Yesterday we popped along to the Coopers Bakehouse Open Day in their (relatively) new headquarters in Dragonfly Place.

For a bread nerd it was lovely to step inside a professional bakery and to have a look around. We got to spend a bit of time talking with Francis Cooper, the owner, who showed us the ovens he uses and we had a bit of a chat about my current troubles with the oven in the rental flat that we've just moved into. I get the feeling I've never cranked my oven up to pre-heat long enough before baking.

Coopers is on a much smaller scale operation to Sydney's Brasserie Bread that I visited three years ago. It was wonderful to see some ingeniously low tech solutions like the home made, high humidity, proving cupboard and to talk about how to get the best oven spring.

Around the tasting table we got to try both their white and wholemeal sourdough loaves, as well as one of the Danish pastries. I preferred the white loaf over the wholemeal, as I found the wholemeal a bit too sour for my tastes.

Speaking to a one of the staff over the tasting table, they start at 4am most days in order to get the deliveries ready for 9am. You clearly need to be a lover of early starts to be a baker, no wonder they said they'd never seen an episode of Bake Off.

I'd love it if they did some advanced bread or patisserie courses.

Croissants and Danish pastries shaped and ready to prove

Work bench

The founder of Coopers Bake weighing out some dough


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