Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Restaurant Review: Taberna El Panduro, Seville

Pollo al curry con guacamole
Our final meal in Spain was at the Taberna El Panduro a busy little wine bar we'd spotted a couple of days before. The bar was busy when we walked in, but thankfully they managed to squeeze us in with a couple of stools at the bar.

We were recommended a couple of glasses of wine from the chalk. With all of the wines available by the glass, and around the €3.00 - €3.50 mark, they were excellent value for the quality.

Following the advice of our walking guide to order from the top of the tapas menu, as it is usually their speciality, we ordered the Pollo al curry con guacamole. Chicken curry was a dish we'd seen on quite a few menus during the week, but this was our first time ordering it. The chicken tasted like the curry powder I bought in Oz, and was satisfyingly familiar.

El Panduro was a fantastic last meal to our time in Spain and somewhere that I'd definitely return to next time I'm in Seville.

Cremoso de arroz verde - the green came from wild garlic

Parrillada veduras

Costillo de cerdo confitada

Torta de queso

Taberna El Panduro
Calle Doña María Coronel, 17
954 04 57 51


  1. Richard I'm happy to see your a fan of the old Keens Mustard. It's old school but I love it. (Please tell me you've tried it on boiled eggs?)

    1. No I haven't tried it on boiled eggs and I don't think you can get it over here. Arghhhhh!