Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Restaurant Review: conTenedor, Seville

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On the penultimate night of our stay in Seville we had diner at conTenedor. The highly rated restaurant is touted as a good example of modern Seville dining and recommended by the owner of the apartment we were staying in.

The menu had a big focus on biodynamic wines and organic ingredients. With boxes of fresh ingredients on display, chefs working in an open kitchen and an eclectic mix of tables and chairs in the dining room, it felt like the type of place that was appealing to the Seville hipster crowd.

My favourite dish of the evening was the arroz con pato (€13). Cooked rice was then fried until crispy giving a lovely crunch and texture. The rice was accompanied by chicken, thyme and swirls of a punchy sauce. I also remember the tarta chocolate (€5.50) that we shared for dessert.

I enjoyed our diner at conTenedor, but I was expecting a bit more from one of Seville's 'top' restaurants. The vibe was a little different to other places we'd eaten in Spain, but the food was at the same (good) level as many of the other places we'd eaten. At €57 for two it certainly didn't break the bank, but was higher than the €35 level we'd usually been paying.

Arroz con pato



Tarta chocolate

Calle San Luis, 50

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