Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Restaurant Review: Duke’s Brew & Que, Haggerston

Buttermilk Pancakes
A couple of weekends ago Becks and I took the Gingerline north of the river for breakfast with friends. Searching on where to go I stumbled across Duke's Brew and Que in Haggerston. The dirty American food immediately appealed, choice made.

With everything in Hackney being so on trend we feared that we might struggle to get a table. However, when we arrived at 1pm there were only a couple of other tables taken inside and we were given the pick of the room.

The slowed cooked BBQ meats from the dinner menu are sadly scarce in the brunch offerings. However, there were still plenty of calorie laden indulgences on offer.

I decided to go for the BBQ Omlette with a side of the Cowboy Baked Beans (£9.95 + £2.50). Being the only brunch dish on the menu with a taste of the pulled meats I had to order it. Sadly the pulled pork and burnt beef ends were hard to find in the folded omlette that was instead packed full of peppers. The home friend potatoes were a good accompaniment, as were the side of beans (even if they were totally unnecessary).
BBQ Omelette
Becks went for the Buttermilk Pancake and a side of bacon (£6.95 + £2). The generous serving of vanilla scented pancakes came accompanied with real maple syrup. The menu specifically stated the side of bacon was three rashers, but Becks' dish only came with two. The pancakes were slightly under cooked in the middle which created a rather doughy texture on the roof of the mouth, although I still enjoyed my taste.

As we ate the room filled up with other diners. It's a great space which sits on the right side of being themed (the sink in the toilets excepted).

All my London eats are added to my map.

Duke’s Brew & Que
33 Downham Road
De Beauvoir Town
London N1 5AA
020 3006 0795
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