Friday, 30 May 2014

Restaurant Review: TriCiclo, Madrid

Fresh peas, spring mushrooms and sweetbreads
guisantes fresco, setas de primavéra y mollejas de ternera (9 EUR)
We'd had a hot and tiring final full day in Madrid. By time we got back to our apartment and collapsed on the sofa the thought of heading out again for dinner seemed all too much. There was serious talk of staying in and getting a pizza from the Carrefour Express over the road instead.

After much procrastination we dragged ourselves out and decided to check out one of James' recommendations, local hotspot TriCiclo. This food blogger was so tired he didn't even take his camera.

When we arrived it was obvious that we'd come somewhere a little different to the places we'd previously visited while we'd been in Madrid. It was bright, modern and was busy with a young crowd who had all made the effort for their evening out. I felt pretty out of place in my marathon finishers t-shirt and flip flops!
Spring vegetables in juice with iberico de bellota

We decided to grab a couple of drinks and stand in the bar while we took a look at the menu. Our Spanish wasn't up to translating the menu and the free dictionary app I'd downloaded onto my phone before we left was next to useless so our ordering was based on the one or two ingredients that we could recognise from the menu.

The food that arrived was nothing short of exceptional. The two savoury dishes in particular get a 'best ever' call for how good they work.

The verduras de primavéra en su jugo con papada de iberico de bellota (11.50 EUR, half serving) was our favourite. Individually the spring onion, asparagus and courgette were the best I've ever tasted. Together they were sublime.

Dinner at TriCiclo was worth the price of the flight to Madrid on its own.
Strawberries, tomatoes, basil and mascarpone
fresas, tomates, albahaca y mascarpone (6 EUR)

Calle Santa María 28


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