Monday, 10 February 2014

A weekend in Cardiff

Becks, Andrew and Ruth at St Fagans
The weekend before last we decided to take advantage of my grandmother's house being empty and headed to Cardiff for the weekend. I thought it might be a little odd staying in her house without her, but there wasn't an unusual feeling to be had and I had a lovely time on the first night looking through old photo albums on the Friday night.

On Saturday we visited St Fagans, the National History Museum of Wales. Built in the grounds of St Fagans Castle (more a large country house), over forty buildings from across Wales have been moved to St Fagans to preserve and show off the culture of Wales.

We were very lucky with the weather and, despite the horrendous weather, it was dry whenever we walked between the buildings. I remembered part of the site from a visit as a child, the row of miners cottages in particular.

There were lots of new discoveries too. We found a wood fired bakery where we picked up a loaf of bread to take home. Despite my love of all things sourdough I don't think I've had any wood fired bread before. You could smell the smoke on the crust, but I didn't think it made much difference to the taste.

Pigeons at Roath Park Lake
 We didn't make the best of our Sunday, although I think we all fancied a lie in and were secretly happy to stay our of the rain. We had a quick walk round Roath Park Late before heading back to London. A few more items liberated from grandma's house safely tucked in our bags.

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  1. such a good shot with the pigeons Richard. It would look good as black and white.