Sunday, 19 January 2014

Restaurant Review: ReyNa Turkish, New Cross

On Saturday night Becks and I headed to New Cross, highly indecisive about where we wanted to go, but knowing that we definitely wanted to try somewhere new. We walked past the newly opened Birdie Num Nums, but it appears they don't open for dinner. Next on our list was ReyNa, a Turkish restaurant that opened in New Cross over a year ago.

They weren't full, but had everyone sitting in one half of the restaurant which worked well to create some atmosphere. There weren't as many students as we expected considering we were so close to Goldsmiths Uni. Perhaps term hasn't started yet?

Feeling hungry we decided to order three starters to share as well as a couple of mains. The sucuk (£3.50) and saksuka (£3.20) arrived at our table first, along with a bowl of hummus that we hadn't ordered.

The sucuk, Turkish sausage, was spiced and had a nice flavour from the grill. The saksuka wasn't quite what we expected, my knowledge extending as far as seeing Ottolenghi make one on TV. It was a mix if grilled aubergine, peppers, onions and a mildly spiced tomato sauce. It reminded of a ratatouille, but was no less good for that.

Grilled halloumi
We had to prompt for our grilled halloumi (£3.25), we think they might have got hummus and halloumi confused. The halloumi was possibly my favourite starter, incredibly salty it hd a nice tang.

With our starters came a basket of Turkish bread. Perfectly good bread, but it didn't hit the heights of Meze Mangal's from just up the road.

Lamb Iskender
As a main course I ordered the lamb Iskender (£9.90). The smokey barbecued lamb was mixed in with bread and covered in a tomato sauce. There were two huge dollops of yoghurt on each end of the place and small plate of rice served on the side.

The lamb was the standout element of the dish by far. I wasn't sure about the small cubes of bread burried beneath the lamb. It just seemed like disappointing filler when you got one.

Lamb Ribs
Becks ordered the lamb ribs. I managed to sneak a rib (or was that two?) and they were nicely barbecued and invited to be eaten with your fingers.

Dinner at ReyNa was good value and the food was enjoyable too. It didn't hit the heights of my memories from Meza Mangal just up the road. The theatre in Meze Mangal (which could have been lost now they have expanded) wasn't there. Meze Mangal cooks over charcoal too which makes a difference.

379 New Cross Road
New Cross
SE14 6AT
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  1. Mmm charcoal. It really does make a difference doesn't it. All sounds good though.