Sunday, 15 December 2013

Restaurant Review: Burger Bear @ Old Nuns Head, Nunhead

The Greedy Bear
Burgers have been on my mind for a while. In Paris we were going to chase down the Le Camion Qui Fume burger fan, but its locations didn't quite fit in with our plans. Then there is Mother Flipper at Brockley Market that I still haven't tried.

Yesterday afternoon, with a burger on my mind, Becks and I walked over to Nunhead to try a Burger Bear who have taken over the kitchen at the Old Nuns Head pub on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Becks chose the classic Burger Bear (£6.50). I decided to try one of the bacon burgers. The single patty was £9 and for only a pound more it had to be the double patty Greedy Bear (£10), purely on value terms.

When the burger arrived it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to eat it all in one go, so I flipped out the extra patty and some of the bacon and dived in.

It was a good burger. A really good burger.

The patty was cooked medium rare and just melted in the mouth, with the bacon / bacon jam  packing lots of flavour. I didn't really notice the melted cheese or the soft white bun, but the overall package was great. I'd put it on a par, and perhaps even say it was a little bit better than my current benchmark, the Shake Shack burger.

It was a bit sloppy to eat and the top of the bun a bit greasy, but a great burger is meant to be a bit messy right?

I was surprised when the bill came to £30 for two burgers, two sides of fries and a couple of shandies. It felt expensive for a burger and a couple of drinks. I had a quick look at the Shake Shack London website and the burgers compare well on price (£1, but the patties are bigger). I standard fries and the drinks were the expensive bit.

Old Nuns Head
15 Nunhead Green
SE15 3QQ
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  1. oh la la! I have a husband that just might clap his hands and squeal with manly delight at the prospect of such a burger.
    and yep, they are supposed to be messy.