Monday, 23 December 2013

Restaurant Review: Bone Daddies, Soho

Last Wednesday night Becks and I decided to have dinner before she jumped on a plane back to NZ for Christmas. Our mid week meet ups have gravitated towards Soho. When deciding where to meet we considered a return to Koya, but in end decided to try a (new to us) ramen bar; Bone Daddies.

Soho in the week before Christmas could have been carnage, but thankfully we got straight into to Bone Daddies without having to wait. The restaurant wasn't quite full, but they seem to have a policy of not having all the seats full at any one time. Even when there was a queue forming outside the door they maintained a fair number of empty seats dotted around.

I've been doing a fair but of running lately (80 - 90km a week) and the big hunger is back as my body demands more fuel. Feeling the need to indulge I ordered a Tantanmen (£11) and the KFG (Korean Fried Grouse). Our waitress warned me that the tantanmen was spicy, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway.
KFG - Korean Fried Grouse
I enjoyed the ramen. The chilli was just at the right level to give you a little tingle, break up the richness of ramen, but not enough to break out my glowing brow. The soft boiled eggs were good too and the big bowl was more filling than I'd expected.

I didn't really need the KFG, but managed to polish it off regardless. Hot, crunchy, sweet and sticky the grouse worked really well being able to stand up to sauce. Better perhaps than the classic Korean fried chicken.

Becks went for the classic Tonkotsu ramen (£11). Like my only previous ramen experience at Gumshara in Sydney the pork broth became a little overwhelming after a while.

I normally feed off the atmosphere in places like Bone Daddies with their large share tables and vibrant buzz (buzz from the other diners, the sound track blaring out of the speakers was a little odd). However, I think we were both a little tired and a quiet corner somewhere might have suited our moods better. I'd like to return another time when I have a bit more energy. If nothing else but to conquer the condiments in the middle of the table, including the jars of garlic in the middle of the table that I saw someone else crushing into their food. Are they raw or pickled in some way?

Bone Daddies
31 Peter Street
Bone Daddies on Urbanspoon

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None of my photos from the night came out, so the above are from the Bone Daddies website / Twitter feed.

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