Friday, 15 November 2013

Restaurant Review: Au Passage, Bastille, Paris

Terrine at Au Passage in Paris
There's a bit of pressure organising a birthday dinner in a foreign city when you are unfamiliar with the local dining scene. Not for the first time in researching foodie tips for our trip to Paris I turned to Trina and decided to book a table at her top dining tip of Au Passage. Conveniently it was located a short walk from where we were staying in the Bastille area.

I knew the restaurant was located down an unpromising looking street. I liked the idea of lowering expectations and then arriving at a buzzing restaurant with a wow factor.

The first part of the evening went to plan as we walked past a couple of uninviting looking bars and into the nondescript Passage Saint-S├ębastien. After the low, there wasn't the immediate high I had envisaged. We were the first first customers of the evening to arrive and the empty restaurant had more akin with an unheated concrete box than one of Paris' hottest tables.

I had a nervous half hour waiting for the restaurant to fill up and wondering where I'd brought Becks on her birthday. However, once other diners had arrived and the food began to roll I knew we were in for something a bit special.

Too much time has passed and wine consumed during the evening for me to remember everything in detail, but it was easily the best meal of the holiday.

The chalk board menu mentioned just the key ingredient of the dish rather than any fancy descriptions. From the savoury dishes the burrata was a highlight, as was the terrine with pickled chillies.

The desserts were pretty special too with a heavenly chocolate mousse and lovely pear crumble. When the crumble arrived I thought "oh no a deconstructed dish" but it was excellent. The yoghurt had been sweetened and lightened in texture. I suspect it had been fired through a foam / espuma gun.


Pearl Barley Salad

Smoked egg with chard

Quail with labne

Chocolate mousse

Pear crumble with yoghurt
We shared seven dishes (five savoury and two sweet) and left stuffed. The food was great value at €49. We also had a very nice bottle of Anjou Pompois 2012 (€29).

Au Passage
1bis Passage Saint-S├ębastien


  1. It was a lovely dinner, thank you :)

  2. Richard have you noticed a massive difference in the way Sydneysiders plate things up compared to the Parisians and British? Are we fluffying things up too much here?

  3. Next time I go to Paris, I will re-read your Paris blogs again! Gorgeous food - mmmmm M!