Monday, 9 September 2013

Restaurant Review: Janetira Thai and Gelupo, Soho

Fried eggs in tamarind sauce
Following Lizzie on Instagram over the past couple of weeks I've seen her post several photos of lunch at Janetira Thai in Soho. I'm a sucker for tasting looking Thai food so was keen to check it out. I put Janitera forward as a suggestion when Becks and I met up for dinner a couple of weeks ago and was pleased when she agreed to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the restaurant, was that it didn't have a queue coming out the door on a Friday night. A good sign in my in my book as I didn't fancy standing in the queue with the rest of the crowds in Soho.

The second thing I noticed were the Thai voices of the group sitting in the window. I was getting hopeful.
Chicken with holy basil
The menu is divided into 'multicourse' and one meal dishes. I assumed that the one dish meals were perfect for a single lunch and the multicourse dishes were designed to share, but the menu didn't make the particularly clear. We ended up hedging our best and ordered something from either side of the menu.

The fried eggs with tamarind sauce were my favourite dish. The eggs had been hard boiled and then deep fried whole before being cut in half and then served with tamarind. I liked the texture of the eggs with their crispy outer skins and the sour tamarind.

Stir fried seafood noodles
The staff wear t-shirts claiming the food tastes like it does in Thailand. It wasn't quite as evocative as eating at Sydney's Chat Thai but a solid option for £15 a head (if I remember correctly).

Gelupo gelati
After dinner we strolled round the corner to Gelupo for some gelati. Time (or is it age) has made me forget all of the three flavours I tried, but I do remember the intense dark chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is so often a disappointment, but this one definitely wasn't. If you get a medium cup, as we each did, they let you try three different flavours which is good.

A good evening in Soho for under £20 a head.

Janetira Thai
28 Brewer Street
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7 Archer St  
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