Sunday, 4 August 2013

BA Silent Picturehouse

Last Friday night I went to a BA Silent Picturehouse event in the vaulted cellars at Vinopolis. They were showing five films (Skyfall, Slumdog, The Beach, Top Gun and Jaws) in different parts of the two rooms. You grabbed a bean bag and watched the film you wanted, listening through headphones for that 'inflight' experience.

BA had splashed some serious cash on the event and for those of us attending it was great fun. For the price of a regular cinema ticket they'd decorated the rooms using the movies as inspiration. Glasses of champagne were served, different flavours of popcorn and hotdogs were available and there was a seemingly limitless supply of pic 'n mix.

I've been to events at Vinopolis that are horribly over crowded, but they'd kept the numbers nicely limited too.

Just as the movies were starting ice creams were served and we were given bottles of water half way through the film. I had a large fan located near me which provided a cooling breeze on a warm night, but also added the background hum of a planes engine for that authentic experience.

After the films finished Radio 1's Greg James turned up to DJ and drinks were available from the bar (my expectations had really rise at this point as I was disappointed we had to pay!).

Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and a goodie bag on the way out finished the night off.

I've no idea what BAs marketing strategy was, but I had a great night. I'll be back next year.

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