Monday, 29 July 2013

Watching the Ashes at Lord's

Last Sunday I went to see England v Australia at Lord's in the Ashes with my dad. During the week I read in the paper that Lord's must be the only private club in the world where members are expected to queue to for access. With seating unreserved the fear of not being able to nab a good spot had me lining up at 8am with play not due to start until 11am. It is a bit ridiculous really….

When the gates opened we were let in remarkably efficiently and I had grabbed two seats in the shade for dad not long after the gates had opened. After reserving our seats I went to try and get a picnic spot on the lawn as I'd done during the NZ test, but by the time I'd arrived they had all gone.

Having seen years of England not playing particularly well has left me a bit of a nervous cricket watcher. I'm a little on edge when we bat expecting the next wicket to be just round the corner. After a few good years of England performances that nervousness has begun to subside, and the whole ground was expecting England to polish off the Aussies and take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes. The lack of uncertainty in the result, which makes watching sport so thrilling, wasn't really there last Sunday for me. How times of changed, we couldn't have said that about playing Australia very long ago!

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