Monday, 20 May 2013

England v New Zealand at Lords

On Sunday I went to watch England v New Zealand in the first test match of the summer at Lords. I haven't been to see a game at Lords for at least for summers and it was great to be back in the ground on match day.

I like wearing my members tie when I go to Lords as the stewards seem to give you a bit of extra respect. The flip side is that I live in fear of unwritten rules and etiquette that I might fall foul of and should really know about being a member.

Sunday brought one such challenge with the picnic area behind the Pavilion. In previous years I've seen people reserving spots with their picnic rugs and hampers before the start of play. I've never had a picnic blanket or hamper with me before and been far too late even if I had as all the spots had gone.

This year we had a picnic rug with us and there were quite a few benches and patches of grass available. I nervously approached one of the stewards asking what the 'form' was. When I was given the all clear to reserve a spot we selected a nice looking bench in the shade. It was great to experience something new.

After bagging our picnic spot we headed off in search of the Jamie Oliver £20 Steak Sarnie that I'd heard about the day before on Test Match Special. According to Phil Tufnell they'd sold less than twenty during the first two days of the Test Match which isn't really surprising at that price.

I didn't try one, but I couldn't resist a picture of the menu.

The cricket itself was a case of blink and you'll miss it. There were fourteen wickets during the day and the match was all over before 3pm. During the second innings the Kiwis lost a wicket at the rate of one every other over. It was almost too easy with an air of inevitability and no tension or excitement.

However, after a late night the day before I wasn't complaining too much about the early finish.

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  1. Hmm. If I was presented with a choice of going for the £20 steak sandwich of not going for the £20 steak sandwich I'm afraid my curiosity would win out.