Thursday, 7 March 2013

An audience with Joe Saward

Last Friday I went to an 'Audience with Joe', an F1 journalist, who was giving a pre-season talk. This was the second 'Audience with Joe' event I have been to. The previous one was in Melbourne just after the 2010 Grand Prix back.

I enjoying listening to Joe and reading his articles. He has an incredible depth of knowledge around the sport and I like the fact he isn't afraid to give you a direct answer or say something controversial. Last Friday he was quite vocal about F1 journalists who pretend to be at the races when it isn't always the case. It was also interesting to hear his views on my favourite team, Williams, and why Adam Parr left as CEO last year.

Reflecting on the London event I didn't enjoy it as much as the Australian one. Perhaps it was the fact that the last talk happened just after a race so there was something a bit more to digest. I found it quite surprising that no one asked him for his predictions for the upcoming season. It seemed the obvious question.

However, I think the main reason I didn't enjoy the evening as much was due to the layout of the room as anything else. With people standing near the front it meant that lots of the room (including Mike and I) weren't able to see Joe for most of the evening. Those standing nearest Joe also dominated the questions (which Joe did his best to battle against).

*The photo was from the Audience with Joe in Melbourne 2010

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