Sunday, 17 February 2013

Restaurant Review: Chinwag, New Cross

Inside Chinwag, New Cross

On Wednesday night I had dinner with a couple of friends at Chinwag, a recently opened café in New Cross.

From the interview the owners gave on Brockley Central it sounds like they went through blood, sweat and tears to get their first restaurant open. They've put a lot of their personality into the small café which has a busy interior and lots of detailing on the walls and counter top. They've managed to pull off the decor without making the place feel cluttered.

The Chicken Burger

The dinner menu is compact with just four items on it: a beef, lamb, chicken or veggie burger. A bit limited if you wanted a starter, side or just something other than a burger.

With my dining companions plumping for the beef and lamb burgers, I chose the chicken burger (£6.99) with extra avocado. The first thing you notice is that the burgers are huge. Easily twice the size of the burger I had at Goodmans the previous week and at half the price too it was pretty good value. The base of the bun is smeared with aioli, covered with lettuce tomato and a little red onion and then the filling of your choice is covered with their burger relish.

As can be the way my chicken burger was a little dry, although the aioli definitely helped compensate. The homemade lamb and beef patties looked like the way to go and are the ones I'd like to try next time.

The love their books at Chinwag. Both the menus 
and bill came in one 

Although compact the kitchen in Chinwag definitely isn't the smallest I've seen, so it was a shame to discover that they don't serve any desserts. A retro ice cream sundae or pumpkin pie would have gone down nicely. Hopefully they'll expand the menu as they continue to find their feet.

Enjoying at Norfolk Kiwi at The Royal Albert

With Chinwag still waiting on their alcohol license we decided to finish the evening with a couple of drinks at the The Royal Albert. I've long heard it recommended as one of the areas best pubs, but have never been in before. I can only say I agree with all the reviews. A good range of beer, friendly staff and a good atmosphere. I very much enjoyed a couple of pints of Norfolk Kiwi before strolling home.

21 Lewisham Way
New Cross
SE14 6PP

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