Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Restaurant Review: Just Thai Thai, Brockley

Aubergine and Tofu salad

Brockley was eerily quiet on the final weekend before it Christmas. Work parties completed, it felt like everyone was either tucked up in front of the TV or had fled the capital to be with friends and family.

I was hoping to check out Smiles Thai for the first time, but it was sadly closed. Perhaps the owners had left for Christmas too?

Being in the mood for Thai we walked round the corner to Just Thai Thai instead, a restaurant I had visited once before five year ago. I can't remember the food from my previous visit, but I do remember being sat in the draughty bay window so we opted for a table in the middle of the restaurant this time.

Thai sausage

We started with the aubergine and tofu salad which was my favourite dish of the evening. A plate full of aubergine, tofu, cashes nuts, tomato, mint, coriander and lettuce was covered in a lively dressing. The salad tasted pretty authentic with hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours going on.

The Thai sausages were different to the fermented pork sausages that I'm used to picking up as a street snack in Thailand. The sausages had a kick of chilli and were served with some refreshing pineapple, fresh ginger and a few dried scud chillies. I was only brave enough to have the tiniest nibble of one of the scuds and it was certainly hot!

Pla chu chee

Our final dish was the pla chu chee a sea bass fish curry. I enjoyed the curry sauce and flaky sea bass. The limp and over cooked pak choi and brussel sprouts (which I initially thought must be pea aubergines) lurking under the fish were less successful for me.

I enjoyed the authentic tasting salad, but the other dishes were a little hit and miss for me. However, there was enough promise of authentic Thai flavours to tempt me back to explore a bit more of the menu sometime.

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Just Thai Thai
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  1. Brussels sprouts in a Thai curry, now that's a first for me! I fell in love with chu chee curries when we lived in Pyrmont, often eating at a little Thai place near the post office. Their salmon chu chee was incredible. Hmm, I wonder if they're still there?

    Happy New Year, Richard!

    1. I quite like the Chu Chee at the Thai place upstairs in Hunter Connection. I'm not sure it's very authentic, but it tastes good....

      Happy New Year to you too John!

  2. Yum! I'm currently away from Sydney in a holiday land of dodgy pub food and fish and chips and could really do with some decent Thai food! Especially the fermented Thai sausage - I love that stuff.

    Happy new year Richard!