Sunday, 4 November 2012

Restaurant Review: De Laatste Kruimel, Amsterdam

Tempting selection of cakes in the window

Wondering along the sides of canals and down narrow streets on our final day in Amsterdam we were keeping our eye for a lunch spot. Nothing looked tempting enough to get our custom until we saw De Laatste Kruimel. With a huge selection of cakes and savoury quiches in the window I was immediately drawn to the place.

I stood in the window ogling the food and then my heart started to sink as I realised how busy the little cafe was, I didn't think we'd get in. Then dad spied an empty table at the back of the shop. Go! Quick! Go!

Table, complete with kitch doilies, floral cushions and retro china, successfully secured  we set about ordering.

Hummus and roasted vegetable sandwich

The quiches and interestingly named 'bead cake' looked interesting, however, I decided that I wanted one of their sandwiches in the freshly baked bread I could see sitting next to the oven. The made to order hummus and roasted vegetable sandwich was soon brought to our table.

You know those great hummus and roasted vegetable sandwiches you've had before with the fresh lemony hummus and marinated roasted vegetables with a variety of textures and flavours in between great bread? It tasted just like one of those.

Quiches in the window

The open kitchen was tiny with one chef, just this one oven and a solitary food mixer. Yet somehow they were churning out an enormous quantity of fresh cakes, quiches, breads and more. That must involve a seriously early start to the morning....

De Laatste Kruimel
Langebrugsteeg 4

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