Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ruth and Andrew's Wedding

We've arrived at the church, everyone has had something to eat and now it's time for the wedding!

The homespun nature of the day continued with Ruth and Andrew's friends playing most of the music during the service. Two of Ruth's friends played The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba as she walked down the aisle. It only took Ruth around a minute to reach the front of the church and we all continued standing for what felt like an eternity while her friends continued to play the music in full. I almost burst out laughing at one point with the music seemingly never ending. I'm not sure it would have been very appropriate so I'm pleased I managed to contain myself!

 The service seemed to pass quickly. Andrew's friend, Jay, did the first reading. He read his poem excellently, but I couldn't help noticing that he had his tie loosened and top button undone. Good to see he was going for the informal look. I was asked to do the second reading and was a bit disappointed that I fluffed a few of the words, but it didn't go too badly overall.

Shortly after the reading it was time for the signing of the Marriage Certificate.  In yet another honour for the day I was asked to be one of the witnesses (Ruth clearly didn't believe in sharing the jobs around). I managed to sign my own name without any difficulties and that was all of my jobs for the day over!

At the end of the service we all stood around chatting in the church garden. I was trying to push the last of my food before it was a quick pack up in the kitchen and off to the reception venue.

The reception passed in a real blur for me and no sooner than it started than the end of the afternoon seemed to be upon us. Mum had made some bunting to decorate the room with. She had also made a pot of jam with fruit grown in the garden for everyone to take away from the day (bottom photo).

There wasn't a traditional top table and Ruth and Andrew spent each course at a different table, only arriving at the family table for coffee. The speeches were all relatively tame and short, eschewing quite a few of the usual traditions.

And with that the day was practically over. Being a Sunday wedding many people had to head home ready for work the next day. Mum, Dad, me and a few of the guests who were staying at the reception venue hung round for a drink in the bar, but I think we were back home by 10pm and in bed not long after. Rock and roll!

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  1. Congratulations both of you and thank you for sharing you post, so enjoy reading.