Sunday 2 September 2012

Restaurant Review: The London Particular, New Cross

Outside of The London Particular

After a 27km run and some blackberry picking I deserved a hearty brunch. I decided to check out The London Particular which has caught my eye when cycling past on my daily commute.

Despite having a very British name, stepping through the door I could easily have been back in Sydney. Small and independent. Check. Share table. Check. Funky interior with eclectic furniture. Check. This café wouldn't be out of place in Sydney's emerging suburb of Redfern.

The Particular Brunch Bowl

As a recovery breakfast I ordered The Particular Brunch bowl with an optional soft boiled egg (£8.50). The egg had a perfectly runny yolk which oozed across the plate. I enjoyed the merguez sausages and salty / garlicky roast mushroom. While the homemade baked beans were a little al dente for me, they packed a good flavour.

The Particular Iced Coffee

On my second visit I selected The Peculiar warm sandwich of the day with optional bacon (£8.50). The lightly toasted sourdough was filled with bacon, feta, roasted pepper, courgette, watercress and basil. The salty feta helped set off the other ingredients which were perfectly tender.

The sandwich came accompanied with a substantial bulgar wheat salad containing more of the grilled courgette. All in all a pretty substantial lunch.

The Particular warm sandwich of the day

The London Particular is already becoming a firm local favourite. The friendly staff, quality ingredients from some of the areas best suppliers and menu full of interesting combinations is sure to keep me coming back for more.

I absolutely loved their share table, which is the dining table of my dreams. Will you sell it to me please?

The London Particular
399 New Cross Road
SE14 6LA

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  1. only a year late finding this review! looks amazing. still going there?

    1. @Dave - yes they are still there and going strong. I've been back a few times since this post and it has always been great. My favourite place in the area.


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