Saturday, 28 July 2012

Truck Festival 2012

Last Saturday night I was at Truck for my festival experience of the summer.

I was helping out in the largest catering tent on site, run by the Rotary Club of Didcot. A large band of volunteers put in some serious hard work to feed all of the festival goers and raise money for charity along the way.

I was impressed to see how much more organised they were than the last time I volunteered four years ago. While I've been away they've developed a 'system' of small teams working together in mini production lines. It seemed to work much better with everyone knowing what to do and I reckon we were more efficient too.

I was frying chips for the majority of the evening, cooking 130kg of potatoes on the night! Quite a few pink peopled filed through the tent, caught out by one of the first sunny weekends of the summer. There would have been some very tender people on Sunday morning from the booze and sun.

I only managed a couple of short walks out into the main field. The festivals small size, and amateurish feel, helps create friendly atmosphere.

I could hear the headliners Temper Trap from while manning the friers. I cranked the friers up to max as the set finished so I was ready for the post band rush. We sold out not long after the band finished and I was fearing a mutiny, but luckily all we got was a few sad faces. The fried egg sandwiches we put on offer seemed to mollify people's cravings.

Until next year!

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  1. Did you smell like a giant human chip at the end of it all? I used to work in a fish and chip shop (very briefly) when I was a poverty stricken backpacker. Man, that smell was hard to shake off!

    (psst... Ive ordered the Assistent Original. I'm hoping it will arrive in another two weeks.)