Sunday, 17 June 2012

Restaurant Review: Simpson's in The Strand, Covent Garden

Steak and kidney pudding (not pie) - £16.50

Last Saturday I met my parents in Covent Garden for lunch. The London food scene is still completely alien to me. I need to find some good London food blogs and put together a wish list of places to go.

Tourist traps like Covent Garden are difficult in any city. Having previously been to Rules we decided to try Simpson's in the Strand for some seasonal British food.

Stepping into the wooden panelled dining room with pressed white table clothes, silver cutlery and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling is like going back in time. The waiters are all dressed in suits and while aiming for silver service, they don't quite achieve it. Being a waiter at Simpon's probably isn't the profession it once was.

Soup of the day: pumpkin and carrot - £7.75

I chose the pumpkin and carrot soup of the day. Pleasant without being exceptional the soup came served a bit too hot.

Rolled and stuffed sucking pig - £22

Next up was the stuffed suckling pig with braised cabbage. The accompanying mustard sauce was served in a gravy boat that was poured at the table. The gravy boat seems very much part of Simpson's style. Four out of the five dishes we ordered were accompanied by gravy boats.

The suckling pig had the hoped for crispy crackling surrounding tender pork. The braised cabbage had a nice tang while the gravy made the apple sauce redundant.

Simpson's was a fun re-introduction to the London food scene. A visit to Simpson's isn't really about the food, but more about the experience of the traditional dining room. The food was enjoyable without being spectacular.

Other dishes eaten at the table:
Fiscake with poached egg - £12

Special of the day: pork escalope with mushroom sauce - £20

Beer served in a silver tankard

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  1. Good old Covent Garden. The crowds were the most off-putting part about it for me. Looks like a pretty decent meal you had there.