Saturday 23 June 2012

Popping back to Greenwich: Sultans Delight and Black Vanilla

Wrap making at Sultans Delight

Last Saturday I stopped by Greenwich to catch up with my friend Mike.

It was a day of highs and lows. The heights were seeing Mike and my first visit to Brockley Market. The lows were stressful trips to carpet and bathroom shops. I had thought renovating would be a fun and exciting. It turns out that it is just a pain.

Despite living next door to Greenwich for five years we strolled down quite a few streets that I haven't walked down before. We also walked past the newly opened Cutty Sark which was a sad burnt out shell last time I was in London.

 Chopped lamb wrap - £5

We stopped at Greenwich Market which wasn't as frenetic as I remember it. We were going to visit a Vietnamese stall Mike had heard about, but as it wasn't there, we decided to try the popular Sultans Delight instead.

Cumin flavoured lamb, humus and salad were rolled to order with a quick shake of chilli flakes. The man serving was clearly disappointed with the people in front who refused the chilli so I sought not to disappoint. The chilli had a surprising kick.

Gelato from Black Vanilla

After our wraps Mike introduced me to Black Vanilla gelateria and coffee shop. I selected the alarmingly coloured Blue Moon gelati. I didn't think I'd find such good gelati so soon after leaving Australia. The gelati had a mild banana flavour. Top choice.

Blue Moon gelati which turned out to be banana flavoured

Sultans Delight
Greenwich Market
College Approach
(Weekends only)
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Black Vanilla
College Approach
London, SE10
Black Vanilla on Urbanspoon

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