Saturday, 5 May 2012

A rather special birthday cake

A rather special birthday cake

A huge thank you to Angie who gave me a truly amazing birthday cake. Check out the icing and cute koalas on top!

Although tempted, I thought I'd pop if I tried to eat it all by myself, deciding instead to take it into the office to share with colleagues. I was surprised how heavy the cake was and had to get a taxi into work as there was no way I could have carried it!

Colleagues enjoying the cake

The delightfully iced chocolate cake was rich and moist, so small slices were in order. I managed to feed about 25 people for morning tea and a few came back for a slice in the afternoon too.

Cutting the cake

I've still got the koala heads. I can't decided if it would be animal cruelty to bite them in half?

A huge thank you to Angie for an overly generous birthday / leaving present.


  1. Worked out well that the course fell on the same day as your birthday/farewell party, it was the least I could do for missing it. Would have been better if it was before though! Then I wouldn't have missed your picnic and there would have been cake for everyone.
    Glad that you enjoyed it =)

  2. Such a delicious cake! Those enthusiastic expressions weren't just for the photo!

  3. David X Richards25 May 2012 at 01:05

    I couldn't see the cake properly without my glasses but it was exquisite! Thank you Angie & Richard