Saturday, 3 March 2012

Restaurant Review: Cheeky Czech, Newtown

I visited the Cheeky Czech last Sunday before a trip to the Dendy to see a movie with friends. The family run restaurant serves Czech food, described by my friend John as 'delicious Eastern European stodge'.

The Czech half of the menu is full of hearty dishes that make me think more of winter. But with the Sydney weather we've been having this year, it is pretty apt.

The other half of the menu is distinctly Australian with burgers and schnitzels dominating. I'm sure the owners know their market and the Aussie dishes are needed to bring in sufficient business, but I think it's a bit of a shame that the restaurant isn't out and out Czech.

I decided to order the Raznici ($18.90). The grilled chicken, chorizo, speck, mushroom and capsicum skewer was topped with a tasty mushroom gravy. The potato pancakes were a good and filling accompaniment to the kebab.

My friend Suzanne ordered the Beef Goulash ($15). Suzanne opted for the goulash with toasted bread instead of the traditional bread dumplings. The owner clearly prefers her goulash with dumplings and was giving them the hard sell. I didn't get to taste the goulash, but the reports were very good.

There aren't many Eastern European restaurants in Sydney. Cheeky Czech is flying the flag proudly.

Cheeky Czech
124 King St

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  1. I've walked past this place so many times but haven't ever ventured inside. It was The Mad Greek for awhile - wonder if it's the same owner or not?

    1. It's a different owner from the mad Greek. A lovely Czech family are running the joint now.

      The story I was told by a long time Newtown resident (and I don't know if it is true), is that the owner of the Mad Greek is a serial entrepreneur. He opens cheap and cheerful places, builds up the business, sells it on and then moves onto the next venture.

  2. Great to hear you gave this place a go. I reckon I'll hold out for more cooler weather before I go get my fill again

  3. Definitely a good option for this cooler weather. Will have to keep it in mind.