Thursday 22 March 2012

Restaurant Review: Bloodwood, Newtown

Smoked ham hoc terrine, homemade pickles, 
chicken liver parfait and marinated olives

Last Friday I was invited to Bloodwood by my running friend Jennie. Our group of ten was given the large downstairs table. It felt like we had a private dining room, perfect for parties.

We started off with some wine recommended by sommelier Gabrielle Webster. Tattooed and nothing like my preconceived idea of a sommelier, she refreshingly recommended us towards some of the cheaper options on the wine list. Very nice they were too.

We had the generous nine course banquet menu ($50 per head). The food ranged from Asian, Mediterranean, South American and Modern Australian right through to British. Rather than suffering from the lack of a unifying theme the food just flowed. I think good food always works together, and it was good.

Whether it was the warmed and spiced olives or the homemade pickles, the simple was done very well. The freshness of the pear and fennel salad and the cuttlefish and cucumber salad helped lighten up the menu.

The more substantial beef brisket was a favourite and then there was the wonderfully rich chocolate torte to finish off the evening.

The standard of the evening was very high, but I prefer the crunchier polenta chips at Bakery Nights over the ones at Bloodwood. The spicy lima beans and guindillas accompanying the pork pintxo were a treat, but the pork itself could have been more tender.

Vegetarians and celiacs were catered for with aplomb.

The courses were brought out closely together and my stomach was groaning tying to expand so quickly. A more relaxed pace would have enhanced the experience.

Before going to Bloodwood the consensus among my friends seemed to be great food, but a bit expensive. The banquet menu of nine courses for $50 was an absolute steal and worth every cent. So much so, I've added Bloodwood to my Top Eats page.

Polenta chips with gorgonzola dipping sauce

Pork pintxo, lima beans and guindillas

Fregola and pear salad, fennel, confit tomato, beetroot crisps

Grilled cuttlefish, cucumber, herb salad

Pork and king prawn, black fungus, hot and sour sauce

Grilled rainbow trout (gluten free option)

Coorong angus beef brisket, spaetzle, cauliflower and beans

Chocolate torte, caramel mousse and peanut crunch

Bloodwood trifle

Poached peach (gluten free option)

The damage, $823.50 for ten

416 King St
Sydney, 2042
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  1. Mmmm, sure looks like a tasty feast! $50 seems quite reasonable too

  2. argh been having a crazy craving for chicken liver parfait all week!

    1. Hi Suze! The chicken liver parfait was really good, but the ham hoc terrine won the battle of the patés for me.

  3. $50 is a steal! I was here late last year for brunch and loved it...loved the polenta chips...

    1. If you loved the polenta chips you should check out Bakery Nights. Really loved the extra crunch there!

  4. Wow, straight to the top eats! You really must have enjoyed. What a bargain at $50

    1. Yep, it was a great night of friends, food, service and wine. Decided that was deserving of a 'top eat'.

  5. Yeah ... its pretty good but last we went they had a no booking policy... which meant no get in for five attempts... hopefully they've fixed that....

    1. Hi Anon - we were a group of ten and managed to book a table. I think they might still have a no booking policy below a certain number of people.

  6. i have fond memories of the Grilled cuttlefish, cucumber, herb salad. hope to evisit one day again. i had the banquet menu last time too and they also allowed us to change a couple of the dishes.

  7. Dear Richard,

    I am not a fan of Newtown but I would venture here to relive my experience at this restaurant, especially the cuttlefish salad.

  8. The only thing I don't like about Bloodwood is the polenta chip-sauce ratio.


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